A programme and community for young humans taking time out.

Join dynamic, forward-thinking students and young professionals. Create your autonomy, build entrepreneurial skills and evolve your network to launch yourself into the next phase of life and your career.

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Create your own story

In 2020, it's clear alternative paths to studying and pursuing a 9-5 job are needed.

Taking a gap year shouldn't mean you miss out on evolving as a person. The job market is tough, employers are looking for people with experience - so where does that leave you?

Creating your own path is playing the game on hard mode. You don't have the safety net of studying full time. You don't have the structure of working in a company and team. And you lack the experience of how to begin to figure out what to do next.

We've been there and know how it feels. 2020 may feel like a lost year, but it's far from it. It's the opportunity of a lifetime!

Taking a gap year or time out is an opportunity to evolve yourself, create skills, build knowledge and connections that last a lifetime, while increasing your ability to make money for yourself.

We're excited to launch this programme and collaborative community to collectively share the journey of evolving yourself, building autonomy and creating your story.

Join us and begin creating your own story.

Concepts you'll learn

A Space For Progress

Remote Gap Year is a dynamic space for creating momentum.

You'll have access to weekly live masterclasses, dynamic guest speakers, mentorship through office hours, tried and tested resources, a fast paced community giving you constructive feedback and support, and build 1-1 connections with humans across the world.

We have designed the format to fit around timezones, lifestyles and your life.

There will be a mix of getting together at the same time, as well as activities, exercises and content to explore in your own time.

A space for progress

During week by week sprints, you'll explore meaningful problems of your own to validate your ideas, build a digital business and collaborate with professionals and peers while working on evolving yourself.

A space for progress

When does it start?

    We can't wait to share the journey with you!

    To give you more time to consider what you'd like to do in your time out, we're extending the application deadline for the founding cohort to 26th August.

    We'll be in touch to notify you of your place by 28th August. The founding cohort will begin on Tuesday 1st September.

    Please check your spam as sometimes our emails end up there.

    The first cohort will begin on 3rd August. Applications will close on the 29th July and you will be notified of your place by 31st July.

    Remote Gap Year runs throughout 2020/2021. If you'd like to join, a later cohort, we'd love to have you.
    Please sign up to be notified of future dates below.

    The Next Phase of Life

    Remote Gap Year is an alternative path for taking time out.

    A semester, an entire year or indefinite time out.

    Begin with this remote 8-week intensive programme and continue creating your story with support and mentorship for the rest of the year.

    Build autonomy, entrepreneurial skills, work on yourself and collaborate with a passionate community of the most dynamic, interesting, forward-thinking and creative young humans all taking time out.

    Remote Gap Year will create structure, momentum and launch you into the next phase of life.

    Solve Meaningful Problems

    Learn how to innovate and apply your unique ideas and knowledge to solve meaningful problems. Build your own digital business to scale the problems you solve.

    Work On Yourself

    Through practical masterclasses, talks, structured materials and resources, you'll work on evolving yourself to expand your frame of mind, skills and knowledge.

    Now is the time to write your own story.

    Build Reputation

    You may be geographically restricted, however, intercultural human connections don't just happen in the physical world.

    Build your personal brand and reputation digitally to expand your network and opportunities.

    Evolve Empathy

    Through building your own digital business, learn how to evolve your empathy by putting humans at the centre of the problems you're solving.

    Expand Your Circle

    Meet, collaborate and share with the most dynamic, interesting, forward-thinking and creative humans walking this earth.

    You'll be supported by seasoned mentors, as well as high-performing peers taking a similar path.

    Create Structure

    Being an entrepreneur and creating your own path is tough.

    Learn how to create structure in your daily life to build autonomy and an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed.

    Not sure yet?

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    Mind the gap

    The average lifespan of a human is 66 years. Taking a year out to intentionally explore your interests, build your entrepreneurial skills and expand your circle won't hurt.


    On completing your 8-week programme, that's not the end! Nope, that's just the beginning.

    You'll continue to have access to the evolving and supportive alumni network.

    We'll have regular office hours to share new insights, and solve community problems live.

    Frameworks, resources, and full transparency into building the business behind Remote Gap Year.

    Help young humans evolve

    We're looking for awesome mentors.

    Share your knowledge, experience and expertise with young humans to evolve their thinking.

    Choose the time commitment to suit your world. From being a guest speaker at our weekly gatherings, to being more deeply involved. It's your choice.

    We're looking for humans who would like to:

    + Share your story during our weekly talks.

    + Feed into our dynamic community.

    + Surround yourself with forward-thinking and tenacious young leaders of our future.

    If you're passionate about a skill, topic, story or perspective, we'd love to hear from you.


    When does it start?

      The first cohort will begin on 3rd August. Applications will close on the 29th July and you will be notified of your place by 31st July.

      Remote Gap Year runs throughout 2020/2021. If you'd like to join, a later cohort, please sign up to be notified of future dates below.

      Not sure yet? Keep in touch by joining our newsletter.
      Hear about future cohorts and we'll share more of the Remote Gap Year journey with you.

      Who is this for?

      1. Students & graduates deferring for the year, who are looking for structure, experimentation & exploration.

      2. Students with cancelled internships who'd like to add experience to their portfolio and résumé.

      3. Students who want to create a side-project to boost their income & employability.

      4. Students who want a summer of creating, connecting and collaborating.

      5. Young Professionals who are taking time out of employment to pursue creating their own story.

      How much does this cost?

      The cost for the 8-week programme, including 12 months community access is $199.

      We want to support young humans during this journey.

      We are offering a limited number of scholarships to support those who have financial hardship.

      To apply for scholarship, you will be asked to share your situation for us to consider.

      Money Back Guarantee

      You've taken enough risk already making the decision to take time out. If you aren't happy in the first 14 days of being part of the programme, we won't charge you a dollar.

      It's our way of showing you life can be lived with abundance or scarcity in mind.

      What's the time commitment?

      An entrepreneur is ALWAYS thinking about the challenges they're solving.

      Aim to allocate 15-20 hours each week for the 8-week programme. It's up to you how much time you allocate during the rest of the year.

      What do I receive on completion?

      1. Certificate of completion to add to your portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile
      2. Evolving global community continually supporting and maintaining momentum
      3. Access all of the content and resources from the programme for the remainder of the year
      4. Access to live office hours throughout the year
      5. Most importantly, you'll have each other

      Do I need to be taking a year out to join?

      Nope. Remote Gap Year is for any young human taking time out from their studies or career. You can join whether you're taking a semester, half a year or an entire year out.
      It's an incredible moment to invest in who you are and who you want to become.

      Where can I join from?

      You can join remotely from anywhere in the world. Geographic barriers mean we can't move around the globe like we used to.

      Remote Gap Year exists for this very reason.

      Back to the top

      Why we exist

      Our mission is to empower young humans to build autonomy, master their minds and thrive through innovation and entrepreneurship.

      Central to that is providing opportunities for creating wealth through your own entrepreneurial ventures as well as evolving mindsets with universally applicable life skills.

      We've created Remote Gap Year as a space for young humans to experiment, evolve and directly experience the reality of being an entrepreneur.

      There is no school of business. There is no school of entrepreneurship. However, there are approaches which can help you become a human that solves problems that have impact far beyond your lifetime, whilst evolving yourself along the way.

      What we do

      Remote Gap Year is brought to you by Nodeunlock.

      We're a creative design studio based in London, focusing on upgrading human "soft" skills for the future of work. We create and design learning experiences for large Fortune 500 companies, as well as independent small and medium sized businesses. As well as upgrading humans in some of the world leading brands, we also create intentional experiences for humans who are looking to upgrade and be the best versions of themselves.

      Nodeunlock Logo

      brought to you by

      Nodeunlock Logo

      The team

      Elliott Callender

      I'm Elliott Callender, Founder & CEO of Nodeunlock. I've had a diverse career both as an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur with over a decade of experience working in and for some of the worlds top companies in industries from Asset Management, FinTech & Wealth Management, Blockchain, to Property Development, Project Management and Product Development.

      I now sit in the unique intersection between human psychology, entrepreneurship and collective performance, running my own education company upgrading humans.

      Why I created Remote Gap Year

      Remote Gap Year is the result of a seed that was planted when I was 13. I used to create various small businesses to build autonomy from my family. I later fed this entrepreneurial spirit into a 12 year career in FinTech and corporate finance, before creating the project I now live and breathe for everyday, Nodeunlock.

      In 2019, I designed and delivered a learning strategy and educational program for young professionals at Mastercard. It was 8-weeks of evolving their human potential and creativity to elevate their professional careers. I called the experiences "Human Upgrades" which have since been enjoyed by humans in other large Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies including J.P. Morgan and Air-France KLM.

      Throughout the journey of sharing the human upgrade concepts, I saw something interesting. In a short time, the humans coming to the sessions had a transformative experience. Their behaviours and mindsets had evolved. They were more focused, more capable and far more in tune with the belief that they were valuable.

      After their managers shared feedback and thoughts on their performance, saying things like "I wish I had this when I left school", I knew I had to share the concepts, approaches and tools with more young humans.

      I survived the 2008 financial crisis just as my friends and peers had graduated university and struggled to get a job. Not because I had a degree, but because I had 3 years of experience behind me that allowed me to quickly share my skills & knowledge with the few companies that were hiring.

      I increased my FinTech salary by 67% at the age of 21 when I moved company and have lived autonomously since I was 17.

      Remote Gap Year is a programme I wished I had when I was going through that journey. It's my way of showing young humans that an alternative path can be taken in life if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with the right people.

      I hope to learn side-by-side with you and share every ounce of knowledge, skills and principles I've accumulated along the way.

      Hear from upgraded humans

      Here's what humans have to say about their experiences learning with Nodeunlock.


      Thank you for your interest in joining Remote Gap Year.

      Please take a moment to share the information we need to consider your application.

      The first cohort will begin on 3rd August. Applications will close on the 29th July and you will be notified of your place by 31st July.


      Thank you for your interest in helping evolve young entrepreneurs!

      We'd love to have you join Remote Gap Year as a mentor. Please take a moment to share the information we need to consider your application.

      The first cohort will begin on 3rd August. Applications will close on the 29th July and we'll be in touch by 31st July to let you know what's next.

      Mentor places are open on a rolling basis. Please apply and we'll add you to our private list of mentors who would be happy to join our journey.